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While my grandsons were visiting they wanted to do ‘something with poppa’ so we headed to the museum on the beach. What a great program they have and the 6 year old twins found it fantastic! We arrived around 3PM and began touring the museum. At 3:30 a program on beach safety was given. The children were very involved in the entire process, learning and having fun.

Next they went outside as the Ocean Isle Beach fire department brought a large truck. The boys and girls climbed all over it like a bunch of ants while being supervised by the firemen. They were able to sit in the drivers seat and put on a fireman’s coat and helmet.

At this point we packed up their coloring books and ‘jr fireman’ badges they received for a quick dinner at Sharkey’s on the ICW as we had to be back by 7PM. At 7 sharp, a program was given on the animals that can be found on the island. Parents, grandparents, and the kids really enjoyed it and a presentation about the turtles that nest on the island- plus an invitation to come to a nest later as 147 eggs were about to hatch.

The children were next on a scavenger hunt through the museum. After they returned they were each given a box containing an owl ‘pellet’. I though it was something from the owl’s bottom but NO- it comes from the top. The pellets are sold to the museum sanitized and wrapped in foil. The boys and girls have a pointed stick to pull the fur and feathers apart. Inside they find what else the owl could not digest. Owls eat birds, mice, and other small animals. Tiny bones were found in all. Scotty found a bird skull and Dominic found the skull of a mouse.

That was only ONE day’s program. Every day something different is going on. A family pass is only $49! This is the best $49 you can spend to help make your beach vacation more enjoyable. Check out their website at and don’t forget to stop by my website too at


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