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Co-Captain Buster

Captain Buster bored on the boat. A little different beginning as this is important. There is … [Read more...]

Beach Real Estate News & Views, Foreclosures, and a Little Fishing! April 2013

Goats 2

Wish you were here!  Trying something new with photos,,, hope it works! Warming- spring will be … [Read more...]

Beach Real Estate News & Views with a little fishing on the side

Looking for Spring

March? Who thought it would arrive so fast!!!  Last month was 'Yankee cool' meaning Carolina cold. … [Read more...]

Coastal Carolina News & Views – Real Estate Fishing and _______ Feb 2013


Wish you were here!  Yes, I missed you last month too. Early January found me in frozen Ohio … [Read more...]

Coastal Carolina Real Estate, Foreclosures, Fishing, News and Views


                                               Wishing … [Read more...]

The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 is to expire at the end of 2012

This is not the normal newsletter but hope the information may help someone avoid a tax bill. It … [Read more...]

Foreclosures, Beach News, Real Estate, & Fishing


Wish you were here. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  The photo was taken a mile or so up the Shallotte … [Read more...]

Coastal Carolina News, Views, Real Estate, Foreclosures, Fishing


Wish you were here!!! The weather remains fantastic. Still wearing shorts and a golf shirt every … [Read more...]

Foreclosures, Beach Area News, Fishing, and Stuff


  Wish you were here!!! We have had a little rain and it looks like more coming. We … [Read more...]

Beach News & Views – foreclosures, fishing, and ‘stuff’


  WoW!! One time and foreclosure information is not included in a blog and the calls and … [Read more...]