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Accurately showing a home is important. Two easily made mistakes are easily overcome. A full wide angle lens will easily make a small room look much larger especially with little or no furniture. The quality of the lens can distort the image on the edges. 

The on camera flash will often make the image look hard and is especially hard on portraits of women and children not to mention the dreaded ‘red eye’. There are several ways to soften flash results. I often use a flash completely off the camera which is not an option for most Realtors.

An optional flash in the hotshoe if provided on your camera can really lighten softly bu simply adjusting the light to bounce off the white ceiling. Have a wierd color ceiling- or unable to bounce your flash? Take one shot with a tissue over the flash to diffuse the light.. 

I doubt any Realtor has time to learn Photoshop CS4 or wants to spend $600 for the software. I sure do not. However, those with patience and dedication can learn Photoshop Elements 7 at around $80 plus $20 for an instruction book and about the same for a 3 CD training set. Surprising what a $450 digital SLR can do above a ‘point and shoot’… actually ‘IN ADDITION to point and shoot’. 

Using the software that comes with the camera is fine or Photoshop Starter Version which is free and can be used with any cameras. You will be surprised at what the free software can do with just a few minutes of your time. Check out the Nikon D40 – it comes with a great 18 – 55 lens (wide angle to normal). I keep one just like that and another body with a 55 – 190 telephoto lens in my vehicle all the time.

No one needs 2 camera bodies, I take a lot of photos and never need to change. OK,, I keep a couple more lenses never needed in real estate, a tripod, and other ‘extras’. The new digital SLR cameras will make you look like a pro out of the box. Digital means no film to buy. A $15 4 gig card can hold up to 4000 photos and can be formated to start as new again. Don’t like the shot? Trash it and take it again. Do yourself a favor, buy a digital camera for your business, it makes a good tax deduction. Buy an extra storage card and keep it with you 24/7 you may get some shots to post here or with your advertising– not to mention your family.

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