Ocean Isle beach NC to Myrtle Beach SC

Don’t forget – the most informative website on Brunswick County NC and Horry County SC is WWW.RAKOCI.com. Information on real estate from Myrtle Beach SC to Ocean Isle Beach NC can be found there. Never hesitate to contact me for information on any area subject. I believe I like in the greatest area of the US and would enjoy explaining all the reasons that is true!

Wish you were HERE! Spent Easter visiting my daughter, grandsons, and brother….. the ‘other daughter’ had a vacation at the beach planned so she is at my house enjoying the beach, restaurants, and shops. Maybe we could wave as we pass each other on opposite sides of I-77. I left Ohio on April 11, it had SNOWED! I promised I would not tell anyone Shiela was out running errands and getting the car washed with the sunroof open. So– you did not hear that from me! The entire country had a mild winter- absolutely fantastic weather at the beach. I have been very busy– and meeting very nice people in the process! Pat and Natalie prepared an Easter feast. Speaking of eating– already 2 great meals at cousin Carol’s restaurant. If ever traveling through Hubbard Ohio stop in at C’s Waffles. Much more than breakfast on the menu and all is great. I finally did it!!!! My boat is at the marina- just call and they put it on the water and after docking they take it out, rinse the boat off / flush the engine then put it away until I call next. No fighting the ramp congestion this year. The convenience will be appricated as I use it more. Not only planning on some joy rides but also a lot of fishing and crabbing too. April 22 and up to a foot of snpw forecast in NW Pa,, 3″ – 4″ in Pittsburgh possible. I really feel bad (smirk)! It was great seeing Bob and Marsha from Pa while they visited the area. Tom stopped for a few days of golf on his return from FL too. Always great to have old friends visiting the area. Much better when they move here!

The picture shows a small old wooden boat with two fishermen. Notice the outboard motor is not on the transom but about 1/3 from the stern inside the boat. These boats are used by those using nets. When pulling the net in it will not be damaged by the propeller and the motor will not be in the way.

SUNSET BEACH PIER- The Sunset Beach NC pier is the southern most pier in NC. Just minutes from the SC border and 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach. Visit their website at http://sunsetbeachpier.com/ for the daily fishing report and the web cam to view conditions 24/7. The pier is 900′ long and was built over a blockade runner. Check their grill menu and photo wall. Tide charts are posted – bait and tackle available if you left yours at home. Maybe I’ll see you there as I have a season pass.

Did you know Horry County SC and Brunswick County NC are 2 of the fastest growing counties in the country? The numbers are by percentage and not by total population. There is still a lot of rural area in both counties. There are many reasons these counties are growing: weather, amenities, cost of living, cost of coastal area real estate, and so much more. There are around 3100 counties in the US and both counties mentioned are in the top 100!

Nationally, the median price of a home rose more than 1 percent in 73 metro areas in February. Some areas rose considerably more. The number of listings dropped 22% over the previous year. Only Phila Pa and Springfield IL saw the number of listings rise. New home sales fluctuate but have been rising most months recently. Locally March numbers indicated few sales than last year. Not a huge drop but lower none the less. Sales year to date are still ahead of last year. About 50% of sales were cash indicating investors are finding this a great time to allocate cash to real estate, especially as rents have risen and continue to rise. Locally, days on market dropped over 3% to 173.

FORECLOSURES – the following listings were available on April 13, 2012. They were listed between January 1 and today. In the area of Brunswick County I serve there were 31 single family home listings and they can be found at http://bcarnc.rapmls.com/scripts/mgrqispi.dll?APPNAME=Brunswick&PRGNAME=MLSLogin&ARGUMENT=JZi5FLz3tQIC%2FtL6pU13BZi4IlXKKp%2F1KlMEqplf4JU%3D&KeyRid=1&Include_Search_Criteria=&CurrentSID=124717516 . Find prices from $64,900 to $551,900. In the SC area I serve the following single family homes were listed during the period. Prices of single family homes range from $13,900 (has fire damage to $795,000. Those 96 listings can be found at http://ccar.paragonrels.com/publink/default.aspx?GUID=f0f2cbf8-71c8-42c4-834f-9867b57a1eeb&Report=Yes and the condos in the same area are listed from $13,000 to $497,500. They can be found at http://ccar.paragonrels.com/publink/default.aspx?GUID=130fa085-580f-4c82-81c3-232ea022df7d&Report=Yes

NEW LISTINGS:     You really need to check out this fantastic home in the Wakefield subdivision:http://rakoci.com/idx/mls-1205074-286_junco_circle_longs_sc_29568    The home is only a few years old and better than new as the homeowner is a handyman’s handyman. He has upgraded inside and outside the home. Looking for a great condo near the beach? This subdivision is less than a mile from Cherry Grove Beach in North Myrtle Beach! Spacious! One owner! About 9 years old! FIRST FLOOR unit! http://rakoci.com/idx/mls-1200730-1058_sea_mountain_hwy_north_myrtle_beach_sc_29582 I know many happy homeowners in Seven Oaks.

I’m often asked if a home inspection is needed. It is suggested every purchase have a home inspection, including those sold new by contractors. The North Carolina Real Estate Commission publishes a brochure that buyers are required to receive on home inspections. That indicates how important they believe it is. Most lenders require an acceptable home inspection before releasing funds.  A home inspection usually costs between $300 and $450. If items are found the seller can be asked to repair them and if refused by the seller the deal may be voided or renegotiated. If the inspector misses a huge problem they may be held liable.  The scope of the inspection needs to be understood. Inspectors are not experts on every system in a home and may suggest an expert be called to give an opinion on the roof, AC unit, and etc. The inspectors contract should spell out the scope and responsibilites of the inspector. He should indicate he is insured or find another inspector. Use an independent inspector- not one affiliated with your builder or the seller. The inspector will provide a written report with photos. Make sure you understand the entire report. Inspectors know you may not be familiar with all his findings and are happy to explain what they report. Often a buyer will ask why would the seller wish to repair items instead of waiting for another buyer. The answer is once the seller is aware of a problem he is required to disclose it to all potential buyers.

There is a button on my website that will take you to about every community in the area. If you have a community or several communities of interest click the “View Communities” button on the right of the lower bar on my website (www.rakoci.com). It will take you to http://rakoci.com/view-all-communities/ where the communities are listed. When you choose a community a map showing the location of the community and all the active listings there are shown. I pay dearly for this tool to help you in your search. For additional information on any listing, just drop me an email or call me.

The fishing— I think everyone knows I have the smallest boat I ever owned at 17’2″. Getting through the inlets and onto the Atlantic even 10 miles or less is a challenge. Naturally, the water is bluer there than in the ICW and inlets so then reports of others out there is relyed upon. I’m very happy my neighbor, Joe Selleck, comes along often. There was a recent article in the Brunswick Beacon, our weekly newspaper, expounding many reasons to take kids fishing. Not only are they the future of the sport but one day we may hope they allow us to tag along with them. I cannot wait to get my twin grandsons on the water this summer. It is more exciting watching them catch than it is being the one catching! Fishing had an early start this year due to the mild winter. To make it even better the ocean has often been cooperating permitting offshore expeditions. Those going offshore have had great fortune with wahoo. They have also boated some black fin tuna and Mahi-mahi. I’ve heard of blue fins to 400 pounds being released too. Inshore fishermen expect March to bring redfish and speckled trout. This year whiting and bluefish arrived early. Most recently the sea mullet have been filling coolers on the piers for the experienced fishermen (use a small 2 hook rig with a weight and no hardware). When you feel those fellow bite- set the hook!  Flounder are being caught- but most are undersize so far (mud minnows getting the most action). Water temps at the piers are in the high 60s so the king mackeral should be showing up real soon. Don’t forget– if you need any fishing equipment contact to at protackle1@hotmail.com. He says he has ‘the lowest prices in the world’. Not only his domestic sales but international sales prove it. If you are going to be in the area and want to wet a line make sure to call me! 

I’m a veteran and take special pride assisting other veterans!

Time to hit the “send” button knowing it will only be 71 & sunny here but 38 and 4″ – 6″ of snow expected in Pa. Sure glad I’ll miss that on 4/22/12! Take care everyone!

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