Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 ~~ Beach News, Views, fishing, and stuff

Wish you were here!!  Hearing of the weather family and friends are experiencing up north I’m sure glad I’m in North Carolina. Clients drove down from MD after Thanksgiving. Thinking there would be little temperature difference they were dressed way too warm. Snow in MD does not mean it will be cool here. The house is decorated for Christmas, Pat goes overboard for all holidays but Christmas is special. Looking forward to going to the theater for one of the live Christmas specials too. Just before Thanksgiving Wifey had an ‘episode’ and ended in the hospital. A heart cath this month looks good but questions still. The note this month will be short as I have to get the calendars in the mail and have not started yet. I get writers cramp just addressing envelopes.

Facts for entertainment ~ Way back turpentine was a huge business along the coast. Where Family Kingdom Amusement Park sits was a turpentine factory. The Caravelle Hotel was built on land that was once a prisoner of war camp. It cost $1 million to build the Ocean Forest Hotel in 1925. In 1969 the 1st high-rise was built, the Landmark Hotel. Myrtle Beach Air Force Base was in operation from 1940 until 1993. Atalaya Castle was the winter home of Archer and Anna Huntington and cost $800,000 to build in 1932. You can still drive by for a peek. All of that and more from around the Grand Strand. 

It is not too late.  If you need a personal gift for that person with a decorating streak check out and give Audra a call. For that fisherman give tom a call  (724 734 3452) or email at I’ll be calling Tom for my favorite fisherman ~~ me!

Time to talk foreclosures. Numbers of foreclosures coming to market continue to fall. Often it is not difficult to find a non-distressed home in like or better condition at the same or a lower price. Buyers must keep an open mind and have their Realtor search diligently. North Carolina allows us to view detached homes as well as condos and townhomes at one link, South Carolina separates detached homes from condos and town houses so there are two links. If you see anything of interest, please do not hesitate to call or email for more information with the MLS number of your choice. There are MORE foreclosures. We are only looking at the areas of most interest and that have come on the market in the past 3 months. Let me know if you want more. So here we go ~~ NC has 25 foreclosures listed in the time frame from $32,900 to $819,900. They can be found at: . South Carolina detached in the most requested areas have 15 detached homes priced from $29,900 to $307,900 listed and they can be found at: . Condos and townhouses in the same areas found 27 listings from $19,000 to $357,000.  Check them out at:

Keeping Your Chimney Clean Chimneys need to be kept clean to prevent chimney fires, but how often they
need to be cleaned is a tricky question. The National Fire Protection
Association Standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be
inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and
correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if
necessary.”In wood-burning fireplaces, creosote can build up and cause chimney fires.
But even if you have a gas fireplace or don’t use your fireplace very often,
you should have the chimney inspected and cleaned about once a year, as animals
can get into the chimney and build nests, or leaves, sticks and twigs from
nearby trees can become trapped in the chimney and cause chimney fires.You could try to remove creosote and clean your chimney
yourself, but for a thorough, professional job, you’ll need to call a chimney
sweep. The cost is around $150 to $200, and you should make sure that the
chimney professional does a thorough job. Ask for a Level 1 inspection; if the
chimney sweep doesn’t know what that is, move on to another company.

Fishing/Boating With all that has been going on last month little fishing has been done. I did take a short boat ride alone and hope to get my wife out for some boat time on warm days. The boat has a vinyl enclosure so there is no wind and a little sun does wonders. Still, reports are very good inshore, near shore, and offshore. I’m hoping to get out this month. C’mon down and go along.

 Don’t forget I’m always available for your questions. Any thing I can help with and does not have to be related to real estate. Just drop a note to me at or call my cell, 843 655 7777. For a lot of local information check my website at

History is falling away. Most of the tobacco barns are falling down and few are getting any attention. Sad to see them just falling down.

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