It's still tough market for sellers.


 Sellers  should be happty to find for one offer at a reasonable price from a qualified buyer during a deep and long lasting buyers market.  The real estate market is continually changing. Sales information from six months ago is probably out of date in terms of establishing a realistic asking price for your home. Use the most recent SALES information you can find in your neighborhood.  Sellers unhappy with the probable selling price of their home should consider if it's the right time to sell. If your home is priced over market value only serves to help Realtors sell the well-priced listings in your area. You may be better off holding on until the market improves if you desire more than current market will bring. Over-pricing can give your home a ‘something must be wrong’ reputation as it sits on the market as homes around it sell. That reputation could last into the next market swing. 


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