Is this a good time to SELL your home?

Is NOW the time to sell your home? The media has many thinking it may be better to wait and in some cases that may be true. There really are buyers in the market now. In the past month I have closed on two properties and a referral. Additionally, I have two more under contract that should close in the next 10 – 14 days.  Homes and condos in a good location, in great condition, that are priced correctly and marketed well are selling. Buyers are aware they have a large selection to choose from and your home needs to stand out. Competition from your neighbors and new homes in the area is tough.  Interest rates are relatively low; a fact buyers have not missed. If, as some economists predict, interest rates fall even lower by year end more buyers may enter the market and more will qualify for loans.  

If you have your home in great condition and find current market prices acceptable this can be a good time to sell your home. Anyone not committed to selling under these conditions should consider waiting until market conditions change. I only wish I were able to see into the future to see when that would be.

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