Is the media running your life?

Is the media running your life? The bad news goes on and on, causing fear until we become our own worst self-fulfilling prophecy. It's a vast media distortion, used to sensationalize and sell the news.  Do you think that just because the mainstream media says it must be true? We know that if anything is repeated anything often, people will believe it. 

Well, here are a few surprising facts;

“Bank Closures at an All Time High in 2008”.·         In 1989 there were 1,004 bank closures.·         In 2008 there were 30 bank closures

  • On average there are 94 bank closures per year

“Foreclosure Rates Show No Sign of Slowing”.

  • During the Great Depression Foreclosure Rates were 50%
  • Nationally today our Foreclosure Rates are 3%

 “States Unemployment Funds Run Low”.

  • During the Great Depression Unemployment ran at 25%
  • Nationally today our Unemployment is 7.2%

It's the real truth.  It's not media horse buns. 

It's time to start looking at our glass as 93% full rather than 7% empty. We need to look at putting 15-20% as was the former standard except in VA and FHA loans where 0% to 3.5% is required.

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