Curb Appeal 101

9 Tips to Make Your Landscape Shine

Rake, rattle and roll!

Convince yourself that raking leaves

can be fun. Rather than wait for a single

weekend, break this chore into stages.

Matted leaves can lead to insect and

disease problems and smother your

turf, especially cool season grasses like

Kentucky Bluegrass.

To fertilize – or not to fertilize?

Cool season grasses like Kentucky

Bluegrass, fescues and perennial ryegrass

often need fertilizer this time of year.

Grasses that go dormant in the winter,

such as Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede

may not.

Repair and re-seed. Fall is a great time

to repair a damaged lawn and re-seed. Fill

any holes or bare spots with topsoil and

add grass seed. It’s important to choose

the right kind of grass for your growing


Don’t forget to water. New grass in

particular needs frequent but shallow

watering. Once the grass is established,

water deeply to reach the roots. To

minimize the threat of fungal disease,

water in the morning or early afternoon

so that the grass blades are not moist


Prune with care. Pruning promotes

growth, so be careful not to encourage

growth when plants are about to go

dormant. By all means remove diseased,

dead or broken branches.

Transplant trees and shrubs.

Autumn is a great season for transplanting

trees and shrubs, allowing roots to get

established before the cold sets in. Also,

heat stress is not a concern. Visit your

neighborhood Garden Center for

a broad selection of trees and shrubs that

can bring new life to your landscape.

Spruce up flower beds.

Replace warm-weather annuals with

seasonal favorites like pansies and mums.

Clean out summer perennials and add

a fresh layer of mulch, which can help

protect plants from hard freezes.

Divide established perennials.

If your perennials are looking a bit

lackluster or overgrown they may need

to be divided. The best candidates have

large, healthy clumps and have been in

the ground for years. By dividing these in

the fall, you’ll enjoy healthier plants in more

places next spring.

Plant ahead for spring. Foolproof

and fabulous, spring-flowering bulbs

put gardening within everyone’s reach.

When choosing bulbs, focus on your

favorite color, or try shades that accent

already established plantings throughout

your garden.

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