Cool Tips to Help You Sell Your House This Fall

Make a good first impression.

Your entryway sets the tone, so clean the front

door and polish the brass door knocker. If your

welcome mat has lost its luster, replace it with a

new one.

Wash the windows.

On sunny days, the strong southern light

can reveal dirt and grime you might not have

noticed. Sparkling clean windows suggest

to potential buyers that your home is well


Warm it up.

Give your home that “cozy” feel by keeping

the room temperature warm and comfortable

during showings. Build a fire or turn on the gas

logs – but only if you plan on returning home

right after the showing.

Add seasonal touches like warm throws and

fall floral arrangements. Update your planters

with fall favorites such as pansies and mums.

Give your home a nice aroma

with a cinnamon candle, freshly baked

chocolate chip cookies or a faint pine scent.

But don’t overdo it, as buyers might wonder

what you’re trying to cover up.

Turn on the music.

Create a relaxed atmosphere by playing

classical music or soft jazz, but keep the

volume low.

See the light. Shorter days means less natural

light, so make the most of your indoor and

outdoor living spaces with lighting.

Clean gutters. After the leaves have fallen,

clean your gutters before snow and freezing

rain set in. Clogged drains can cause back ups,

resulting in visible water damage that could

scare buyers away.

Keep walkways clear. When the temperature

drops below freezing, make sure your home

is easy to show by keeping walkways and

driveways free of snow and ice. A treacherous

path to your front door can keep potential

buyers inside their cars!

Paint works wonders. If your walls need

a fresh coat, check out the latest fall color

trends. Remember that neutrals

work best when selling a home, but you can

use throw pillows and small area rugs to bring

the autumn colors to life.

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