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Wish you were here!!!! Not sure why but the time certainly did fly since we had a chat. Yes, still busy on the job. Have met some great new people and have seen smiles on both buyers and sellers I represented. I did take 5 days off, my daughter in Ohio. Beautiful young lady, great ceremony ~~~ even the weather cooperated on her special day. The boat even got wet ~ more on that later. The weather has been great for the most part. Halloween and the temp was 79. Thanksgiving right around the corner now. After a closing I met the buyers at there new home this week. The buyer said in NJ they often had to slow or stop for a dog, cat, or deer on the road but today was the first time they had to stop for an alligator. If you or anyone you know is considering selling a home please contact me, I need listings. Today is Nov 14th and we had the 1st frost this morning. At 1PM it was back to short sleeves and 70s again soon. OK~~~ so a picture of my little boat was added. She sits on an outside rack after being waxed. Her real home is on a rack inside a building when not on the water. In anticipation of 50 degree weather the side and rear curtains are up so even in 40s a T-shirt is all needed. C’mon down, let’s go for a boat ride. 

If you hurry you should be able to have holiday (or any day) wreaths, center pieces, and etc. made just for you or pick a beauty from display at . Keep Audra in mind for floral arrangements, custom draperies, and more.

                                                      HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How does the real estate news effect you? Buyer, seller, or content homeowner ~ all are effected. There are fewer foreclosures and distressed listings than in recent months. Along with fewer listings prices are being effected. Home prices are going up, but not by leaps and bounds on detached homes. Condo prices are holding steady. Good news for sellers and contented homeowners and not a huge problem for buyers but it does have a negative effect. At our last chat interest rates spiked and shortly dropped again. Since then rates have gone up again. Most recently 30 year rates have been 4.00% – 4.187%. Higher rates translates to being able to afford less house. No one believes the next FED chief will permit rates to skyrocket but every little bit hurts. September sales were down with little to no impact from the government shutdown. The next few months may show a trend one way or the other. Possibly, we continue to see the industry muddle along in our area a while longer.

How about giving yourself the Christmas gift you really want? Check the condo close to everything, move in ready, and priced so very reasonable! Don’t miss this one: . Two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, never rented, remodeled just for you!

Interest rates are rising. A year ago a 30 year was around 3.375%. Today it is around 4.25% – 4.5%. This impacts both buyers and sellers as buyers only have so much they or their lender will allocate to a mortgage payment. As rates rise the same amount of monthly payment buys less. Buyers find they can not buy as much house as they could in the past and sellers find the number of qualified buyers dwindles. Buyers and sellers on the fence should consider how long they want to wait. FHA, VA, and USDA loans are a little less. FHA loans require as little as 3.5% down. VA and USDA loans are still available with 0% down. Locally, prices in many sections have risen slightly too. The biggest increases are coming from the new home market.

Foreclosures! All searches include only the listings that became active over the past 3 months. There are older listings and listings in additional areas. Contact me for complete listings if interested. Everyone seems to still be interested so lets start with those in the areas of Brunswick County NC we have been following. There are 21 listings of all categories priced from $64,900 to $375,000. They can be found at  . From here we will look at detached homes in Horry County. There are 38 new foreclosure listings in the past 3 months. Pick your price range between $59,900 and $999,900. Check them out here: . The last group with be condos and townhomes in the areas of most interest. There are 50 in the same time frame as above priced from $9,900 (an over 55 community) to $539,900. Remember the days when we could find 45 in Brunswick County and over 100 in each of the SC listing sections? Two things are impacting the numbers. One is there are fewer homes going into foreclosure as the majority of those that ran into financial problems from the recession of ’08 – ’11 have already lost their homes. The other reason is some homes in foreclosure are being auctioned mostly to investors. Some of these auctions have multiple homes in each bidding lot.

Blue Crabs ~~ My pots are out of the water until spring although the season continues. I think everyone knows I have a ‘list’ of those that enjoy crabs and my catch is given away. I have been asked “how do you cook blue crabs” so instructions follow. Remember, only cook live crabs!

How to Cook Blue Crabs

It is very important that you cook only live crabs and never use the same utensils to handle the live and cooked crabs.

1. Fill a stockpot with about 2 – 4 inches of water, add a splash of apple cider vinegar or beer to help season the crabs.

2. Add the steamer basket to the pot to keep the crabs out of the liquid and bring the water to a boil.

3. Add the crabs to the basket and add crab seasoning liberally (if desired).

4. Steam the crabs in a covered pot until the shells turn a bright orange color (approximately 20 minutes).

Do a Bing or Google search for videos on how to pick or clean crabs.

Flood Insurance update ~~ President Obama today took a play from his fellow democrats. He has decided to try to give people until after the 2014 elections to lose their current health care insurance. A bill has been presented to delay the flood insurance increases until after the 2014 elections. Both changes were initiated by one party. I know people about to be negatively impacted by both insurance law changes. No matter which party would be involved if enough voters are upset enough that politicians are worried about being re-elected why delay instead of fix or repeal the law. Delays are a one party political move, nothing is being done for the good of the voters. Enough of my rant~~ let’s see if something good happens or if nothing but a political football is passed.

5 Reasons

COLOR ~~ Not long ago a homeowner upset with her neighbors painted her home pink. The home is easily seen from the ICW near the swing bridge in North Myrtle Beach. Should it go on the market it would be difficult to find a buyer unless painted or at a greatly reduced price. About 4 – 5 years ago I took a couple to view a home in an upscale neighborhood. The home had a great yard and was all brick, fantastic curb appeal. Upon entering all we saw was purple. Every wall and ceiling, all carpets and tile, even the counter tops were purple. Ever see a purple toilet or shower? My buyers laughed and simply wanted to leave. Granted those examples are the extreme. Many indoor scenes are not as extreme but can turn buyers away. A teenagers black bedroom, a hot pink young girls room, a bright orange master bedroom, a sunshine yellow kitchen all have had buyers make negative comments. When getting your home ready for sale, remember neutral colors are best. Many buyers want ‘move in ready’ and don’t consider painting required as being move in ready.

On the water! While up north for the wedding naturally I had to see my brother Tom. What better place to meet for lunch than at his warehouse full of fishing equipment. That place is a fisherman’s candy store! We had a great visit, good lunch, and of course we loaded my truck with goodies. Anyone interested in any type of fishing equipment at the lowest price should email Tom at . Over the past 6 weeks I was able to get on the Atlantic 4 times. Each time my friends and I chased spanish mackerel. They are only inshore a short time as the water cools. Trip one I found the birds diving. Four of us caught 50 in 4 hours and quit before limiting. Trip 2 the nest day with three of us spending the same amount of time were only able to find 15. The day after just two of us out for two hours found 17. A week later two of us out nearly 4 hours and found 10. Had to go about twice the depth at the end then where found early as the water cooled. Needless to say, we have several meals to come from those trips. Time to change tactics and search for flounder, redfish, and speckled trout. If you are looking to fish inshore or near shore, give me a call.  Well~~~ a quick run up the ICW was made as the ocean has been rough and some speckled trout caught. Waiting for Neptune to turn off the fan so a visit to the offshore reefs can be made.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if I can be of assistance in any way! All my contact information is available here and on my website, Call or text 843 655 7777.


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