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Wish you were here!!! The weather remains fantastic. Still wearing shorts and a golf shirt every day, something friends up north say they are no longer doing. People ARE buying real estate. Prices are low and interest rates have never been this low. I need listings. October begins festival season! The list of festivals is long and varied. Few tourists are in the area and rental rates are low now. I have been busy! Too busy to get much fishing in. Did I mention I need listings? Off to Ohio for a few days to see my daughter, grandsons, and brother. Even though not in the office I will be available by phone and email. Many of you know my brother Tom is a large distributor of fishing equipment locally and world wide. I’m always anxious to see the new products from all the manufacturers. Besides, I have a list….. as always! If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the fishermen in the family I suggest you drop him a note at . His prices are the lowest in the world.

Recently I asked my self a couple questions. Why am I in the Carolinas and why am I selling real estate? Many of you know I retired early, so why work and why here? My 1st visit to the area was through the US Air Force in 1966. In the 1970s it became the favorite vacation spot of my family. Prior to retirement the decision was made to purchase a condo to use as a 2nd home. That changed to a house quickly and the one up north became the 2nd home by the amount of use. Real Estate has always been an interest so why not get a sales license? Why not in both Carolinas since I live right on the state line? Why not get a brokers license? I came up with a long list of reasons to be here – there is no place I would rather be. It would take more than one lifetime to see and do half of this interesting things and places in the area. The next answer was just as easy! Never have I met so many great people that have become friends! No matter if they come down to their place at the beach a few times a year or move permanently it is always great to see every one of the former clients that have become friends!

Do you know there are two ways to qualify for a 100% loan? Most everyone is aware of the loan program for veterans administered by the Veterans Administration. Few are aware of the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan program, insured by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These loans are available for homes in developments too- not just out in the country. A client is having a home built in Little River that qualifies. Both of these programs offer a lower rate than a conventional loan.

Local Sellers see GREEN – the color of money! August numbers are in and indications are positive. Prices are up 3% over August 2011 on detached homes. The number of active MLS listings for both detached homes and condos is down considerably since the beginning of the year. Condo prices slipped a little. Some blame it on the number of condo-tel units which are next to impossible to finance. Compared to August of last year detached home sales were up 16% and condo sales were up 25%. Cash sales were about 49% of total sales. Homes and condos in good condition and priced right are not staying on the market long. We are seeing some multiple offers again too. Nationally, sales rose for the 6th straight month. The national economists looking into their tea leaves are forecasting a 2.5% rise in prices during 2013. The builders I’ve dealt with over the past 2 months are not discounting like as recent as the beginning of the year. Nationally, new home starts are up 24.5% over last year and 2.3% over July.  If you have been waiting for a good time to sell, give me a call as I need listings. If you have been sitting on the fence thinking of buying now may be the time you have been waiting for.

A TIP from Home Inspector Jim Giuffre:

The number of kitchen storage solutions to help organize the kitchen space
continues to grow. Stackable shelves make it easier to separate kitchen items
inside the cabinet and reduce the need to remove everything to find an item on
the bottom of a pile. Pull-out shelves do the same thing for the back of
drawers. Over-the-door racks can expand the space in a pantry. Drawer
organizers put everything in its place, reducing the need to scramble when a
pot boils over. Corner cabinets and pull-out towel or spice racks make use of
every inch. A little imagination turns a plastic vertical paper towel rack into
a new place to organize cookie cutters for easy access.

Finding the right storage solutions isn’t hard, even on a tight budget. One
thing to remember is to measure the spaces in the kitchen, and then measure
again. Take the measurement to the store to find the best fit, maximizing
storage and budget.

Foreclosure Info     This is still of interest to many people. All listings, including foreclosure listings, are lower than in recent months. Inventory of detached homes and condos in the are is coming down a little recently. The listings provided are active on 10/05/12 and were listed over the previous 3 months. Some older listings are still available but regular readers have seen them in at least two previous newsletters. The following link will provide listings of condos, townhouses, and detached homes available in SE Brunswick County NC. I have access to the MLS listings of seven NC counties and will provide searches if requested. There are 21 listings included from the NC/SC border to Shallotte NC. Prices here run from $33,900 to $640,000. Check them out here:   SC detached homes and condos can be expanded into Conway, and south of Myrtle Beach to include Georgetown County if requested. Most interest on detached homes comes from the areas included here: Prices range from $32,000 to $735.000. Condos and townhomes in the same area always generate a lot of interest. Here you will find prices from $18,500 to $264,500:

I have often stated foreclosures are not the only great deals available. As an example clients came with an area in mind. I found a NEW 3 bedroom – 2 1/2 bath townhome tucked away in Myrtle beach priced lower than many condos that they decided was the best buy. There are still 2 units available there, here is a listing: If interested in this or any real estate in coastal NC and SC just let me know!

Fall fishing is upbeat!!   All kinds of great fishing reports coming in. Some large flounder are being caught in the ICW around docks, redfish in the same area– black drum too. Bait is filling the ICW but most now is too big. I’ve heard of a couple people catching mullet and putting it in the frying pan and freezer already. Near the jetties at Little River Inlet has been producing everything from redfish to sharks. I suggest a minimum of 2oz weight in order to get past the ribbon fish quickly and into the game fish. Tubbs Inlet has been producing some days and dead others. Pick your way in there slowly and don’t stay too long in a low tide as it really gets shallow.  I have been searching for a fishing club in Brunswick County so far without success. However, there is one in the North Myrtle Beach/Little River area that I plan to investigate and probably join. For a copy of the Seacoast Anglers Association newsletter simply mail and ask for one.

Time to hit the send button. Don’t forget there is a lot of information on my website. Additionally, you can search the MLS and individual communities too. Just click . Please do not hersitate to call or email at ant time if I may be of assistance.




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