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Wish you were here!  Yes, I missed you last month too. Early January found me in frozen Ohio visiting my daughter, grandsons, and brother. It was great seeing them again and I’m looking forward to them coming down south. Next Pat caught the flu and decided to share it with me. Keeping up with work was all I could handle. Well, I did get the boat out once. I’ve had it out twice this month- caught fish last trip but this trip the fish won. Both days were great just being on the water and having dolphins for company is nice too. You can always find a copy of this newsletter at the ‘blog’ button on my website ( ). I visited my brother’s new huge warehouse for the 1st time. I did not know that much fishing equipment could ever be found in one place. The warehouse is huge and full with new shipments coming. If you are interested in any fishing equipment do not hesitate to give him a call at 724 734 9286 and tell him you heard about it here.  

Foreclosures.  The interest in foreclosures never ends. Inventory overall and foreclosure inventory included is dropping. Good news for sellers. Bad news for both buyers and sellers is interest rates bumped up slightly. The rates are still at historical lows, lets hope they stay that way. More homes were sold in the area in 2012 than in many years. Those that care to predict are expecting 2013 to be even better. Possible very good news for sellers. The links were developed on February 7. There are more in an expanded area search of all categories. A complete listing will be sent upon request. The listings do not include Horry and Brunswick Counties in entirety, but only the areas of most interest found over the years. Brunswick County NC listings will include detached homes, townhouses, and condos. Horry County will be produced in two links; detached homes in one and condos/townhouses in another. Let’s start with Brunswick County. Only 26 foreclosures in the areas we have been following in NC since November 1st. They range in price from $30,400 to $979,900. Find them at: .

  Now for SC detached homes- 37 were found priced from $54,900 to $1,195,000. Find them here: .

 Our last group is of SC condos and townhomes. There are 49 priced from $24,900 to $439,900. They can be found here:  

As always, if you desire more information on any of these listings simply call me (843 655 7777) or email ( ).

Sand Dollars Everyone loves to find a complete sand dollar at the beach. One a good day on Sunset Beach or Ocean Isle Beach you may be lucky enough to find one or more of these special prizes between 1 and 4 inches in diameter. Look for them on sandy or muddy areas of the ocean floor. They will be in shallow water near shore.  Search at low tide and remember they are very fragile. Mature sand dollars have few predators and can live up to 10 years! If you decide to keep your find rinse it well in fresh water and soak it for 15 – 20 minutes in a solution of water and bleach and allow it to dry. To make them less likely to break paint them with a mixture of half water and half white glue. If I were searching I would walk toward the Kindred Spirit mail box for possibly the best chance …. 

Home Prices Show Strongest Growth In Seven Years!!! The quarterly report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) saw the median price of homes take it’s biggest jimp in 7 years and ‘for sale’ inventory at the lowest level in 12 years. Both great news for sellers nationally. Nationally, the median sales price rose 10%. Pent up demand, low interest rates, and rising rental rates were given as reasons. Distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales) were down 7% over 4th quarter 2011. Existing home sales in the south rose 13.2% and the median home price increased 9.1% to $160,000. Horry County had a rise in sales last year and a slight drop in prices. Although inventory is dropping there remains a large number of  condos/townhomes in Horry County. Both states have a tremendous number of building lots es 

Recent studies show at least 89% of home buyers are represented by an agent. Remember, the listing agent works for the seller. Buyers need their own representation. The sellers agent is contracted to get the best deal for the seller. A buyer’s agent is contracted to get the best deal for the buyer. Most often a buyer’s agent will negotiate the best deal for his/her client. Unless a buyer knows the town, neighborhood, price of like properties recently sold, and much more they will benefit from representation. Ask your agent if he/she has the ABR designation. ABR or Accredited Buyers Representative is a designation earned by experienced agents that have buyer-specific additional training.

There are TWO price reductions to announce! The gorgeous townhouse in Ocean Isle Beach listing can be found at . Check out the 3 bedroom home in an over 55 community in Little River at . The owners of these properties welcome you to view these homes. Bring an offer – both are great homes in wonderful  locations.

Myrtle beach made the national list of improving housing markets!   
Myrtle Beach is among 20 U.S. metropolitan areas that have been added to the most recent list of improving housing markets compiled by the National Association of Home Builders. The NAHB tracks the trough dates for permits, house prices and employment. Metropolitan areas that are listed must show improvement in each of the categories for six consecutive months. This is good news for homeowners and sellers.

Fishing – and boating. Well, I received such a great offer on my McKee Craft Backwater I just had to let her go. She could really get into the shallow water and take a little chop even if not too comfortable. She was replaced with an EdgeWater 205 EX. She is a little longer, a little wider, and a little deeper with a bigger engine. OK, the bad part is getting into some shallow places where flounder, redfish, and speckled trout stay the winter can no longer be traveled to. The McKee needed less than a foot of water and the EdgeWater needs a minimum of 3′. So,, now we find new ‘almost’ shallow water the fish hide in during winter. The good part is more time can be spent on the ocean! Speckled trout are what seems to be on most minds and lines. The limit is 4 per day– my best has been 3 one day. They sure are tasty! Some will catch them on artificial but mine have bit live bait. A few flounder are still being caught- just not coming into my boat for a while. Now BOATERS need to know there is a lot available to them here. There are creeks, rivers, inlets, the ICW, and ocean to fish and play in. There are public ramps and private marinas with both wet and dry slips. The area from Little River SC to Shallotte NC has several places to launch or keep your boat on or off the water. If it is not possible to keep your trailered boat where you live or are staying storage facility is an inexpensive answer. It is easy to find a place to keep your boat from 14′ to over 40′. Cruising the ICW north is easy and fun. Cruising south is easy BUT use caution arounf Myrtle Beach, especially at low tide. The ICW is narrow there and rocks have scraped many hulls and damaged more than a few lower units. My neighbor hit an unfriendly rock while taking company to dinner at Greg Normans in Myrtle. He was fortunate it only bit his expensive to repair SS prop so be careful down there.
Parrot Head Festival

Saturday,  Feb. 23, 2013     Noon-5pm

Its a trip
to the islands, mon, to shake the winter chill. Enjoy an afternoon of live
music–Jimmy Buffett style. Plus, sample the many wine varieties, sip some hot
spiced wine, and enjoy the beauty of the La Belle Ami vineyard. Experience a vineyard tour
(2:30). Or, browse our great gift shop. It doesn’t get any nicer than this.
Come share it with us!

MUSIC (12:00
– 5:00pm) BY: The Paul Grimshaw Band, and The Jamaican Jerks

$8/person. (under 18 or over 80 admitted free) Bring two canned/dry good items
for area food banks and receive $3 off admission. Club Members Free.1

When considering buying or selling real estate do not hesitate to email ( ) or call ( 843 655 7777). I’ll be happy to assist with searches or sales information at any time. Also, you can search 7 NC counties and 2 SC counties from my website ( ).


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