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Welcome: Yes, it has been a while since an update has been sent. I think you will find the new format worth the wait. Check out the entirely new website. You will find much more information available. Searching for real estate in South Carolina has become much easier. North Carolina searches are not yet able to take advantage of the new technology, but simple also. Check it out at

What to do: Here we are at the Christmas Season. If you are planning on visiting from now until Christmas strongly consider taking in one of the Christmas shows. I have seen all but one and that will change this year! Check out the clips at the URLs and choose one— or more to see. Alabama Theater has always put on a great show and a preview can be found at . The Carolina Opry Theater is another that I have enjoyed visiting. Not only their Christmas show! The ‘buttons’ will preview the Christmas and other performances too at . The one Christmas show I have not seen YET is at The Palace Theater. Christmas on Ice looks exciting! Check it out at . A short drive to Conway SC you will find another show. It is new so I have not previewed it yet. Check out The Theater of the Republic . Legends in Concert will entertain you with a fantastic show. Info on Legends can be found at All of these have great talent at low prices. Also, no matter what time of year you visit the beach these theaters have great shows available!

Market Matters: October Stats. LISTINGS – the number of listings is down in Horry County from October of the last two years while the number of residential lots is up. Single Family Homes: The number of closed contracts is up compared to last month and also higher than those of the past 2 years. The year to date Average sale price for October is higher than both years. Condos: October and year to date condo sales are down for the month but over the year for both 2009 and 2010. Prices are down for the last two years but edged up in October over last year. Residential Lots: The number of listings is up but the number of sales has gone up the steadily as prices dropped. Distressed: The number of distressed (foreclosures and short sales) is down. Anyone that desires the entire report only needs to contact me and request it.

Foreclosures: Currently there are 171 single family homes actively listed in Horry and Georgetown SC Counties. They can be found at,1,2 . There are 114 condo/townhouse active foreclosure listings at,1,2 . Brunswick County NC has a total of 105 foreclosures in all categories which can be found at

From the MLS: Nationally, sales were up 1.3% over last month and 9% over last October. Along the Grand Strand single family home sales jumped 16% in October over October 2010! Condo sales dropped 8% over the same period. Many in the market for a condo decided current prices and interest rates put a single family home within reach now. Inventory has dropped to an 8 month supply.

EVERY transaction this year will generate a donation to Hospice or the Cancer Society in memory of mom. Additionally, Eagle Realty donates to a ministry from each transaction.

Wish you were here: A lot has been happening the past couple months. Many friends and relatives have been down to visit. October was a great month for local festivals as usual in the area. Pat even realized she likes oysters! I have to thank my brother for helping supply the boat with fishing supplies; he is a distributor for many manufacturers. Even with that help, the fish are winning. The weather has been great. Fortunately, the two major storms of the year passed us by quite a distance. Building in the area is still going on. Builders in both NC and SC are offering a lot for less. Some samples are on my site on the pre-construction page. Gary & Jan’s new home is complete by. My friends that golf have been busy, the neighborhood even named their group and get out at least weekly.

· ClubPet Adoption
CHALLENGE: We are asking all of our friends to get 5 of their friends to make a $10.00 donation to CPA in the month of December..then if they too can get 5 of their friends to make a $10.00 donation to CPA in December. This could raise all the monies needed to cover the $5,000.00 fuel oil bill to heat the kennels for the winter….Donations can be made thru PayPal at or mailed to the shelter. We will post on New Year’s Day on Facebook what was collected thru this challenge….This is an easy one, please help us keep them warm.

Sellers need to remember these 7 items:

Poor curb appeal — Buyers will only drive by if the house looks unappealing. Clean up your front yard by tidying plants and pulling up weeds. Painting the trim, mow the lawn and place potted plants by the freshly painted door.

Unpleasant odors — Buyers surely will notice odors. Smoking and pets are the main causes. The house should air out before showings – don’t try to hide the odor with another scent.

Loud and scary pets – In addition to the odor of some pets, a big dog or noisy bird can send some buyers running. Keep your dog away when you have showings so your potential buyers aren’t distracted or frightened.

Moisture — Problems with moisture are a big turn-off to many buyers. Make sure your basement doesn’t smell damp and there are no signs of moisture on the walls.

Dirt and grime — Although dirt is usually only cosmetic, buyers often see it as how the home in general is maintained. Make sure your kitchen and bathroom are especially freshened.

Bad Condition — Replace any tired or out-of-date carpets and/or wallpaper with neutral colors.

Overprice — A home priced too high compared to similar properties in the area will chase buyers away. Most activity comes early in the listing. So take your broker’s advice when it comes to pricing your home.

That’s all for now. Never hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way!


  1. Chris says:

    Great info! Love your new site and the new property search method. After reading this we may HAVE to come up for a weekend before the holidays. If we find any condos of interest in the Windy Hill section of North Myrtle we will have you show them to us.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. gokkasten says:

    hi-ya i came to youre site, and I have read some good posts on it.

  3. Gary says:

    Good job on the newsletter. We have been busy and are making good progress.

    Thank you for all you help.


    Gary & Janet

    • jrakoci says:

      Thanks for the comments Gary. Being “busy” is understood since you just moverd into your new house about 5 days ago! Call if I can do anything or I’ll see you next week.

  4. Dave says:

    Hi John,
    Thank you for the update. I have missed finding the updates in my email the past couple months. I’m happy to see they will return with the new website, which is fantastic BTW. Good luck fishing. On my next trip to the beach I would like to go along if you have room.

    • jrakoci says:

      Hi Dave, If there is anything special you want to see in a newsletter, just let me know. I’m always happy to have someone on the boat– let me know when you are coming. Today would have been as great as yesterday as far as the weather!

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