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March? Who thought it would arrive so fast!!!  Last month was ‘Yankee cool’ meaning Carolina cold. Rained some which was needed too. Over all not bad except for getting the boat on the water and fishing. Note the word ‘getting’ instead of putting. Now I call the marina and tell them I’m going out and they launch the boat. When returning she is tied to the dock and marina employees take her out, rinse her off, flush the motor, and put her back inside. No more ramps to wait on. If only the fish were as accommodating. It seems there is renewed interest in many to move to the beach or buy a place at the beach by the way my phone has been ringing lately. More on that below. Another golf course is having 9 of 27 holes developed indicating housing is picking up. I’m not sure how much interest there is in BOAT SLIPS. I’m in the process of purchasing an indoor dry slip and maybe others are too now that they can be found at up to a 60% discount to just a few years ago. Not all are listed but if there is an interest I’ll be happy to find as much information as possible to provide you.

 A rare opportunity! Often I’m asked to find a home without an HOA, or with a pool, or with a fence, or with a larger lot. I have just listed a great home with all those things and much more! This beautiful brick home sits on over 1 acre of land, has an inground pool, only 30 minutes to the beach, and much more. Best of all the owner has it priced to sell! Check out the listing here: .


Did you ever wonder how an increase of interest rates can effect your purchasing power? Everyone understands they only have so many dollars they can pay monthly for a mortgage and if prices rise they receive less house for that amount. When talking to lenders it sounds like .25% would have little impact. A mortgage broker has put this together to show how a rise of interest rates can impact purchasing power and costs. He uses a 30 year term and a pre-approval payment of $1500 monthly. 

Foreclosures. Some of you have a hard time waiting for these listings every month so just drop me a note any time and a search will be completed and sent to you. As always, the search only include new foreclosure listings of the past 3 months. Some older listings are still available. Only 33 new listings in Brunswick County NC were found and the search extended to Shallotte to find that many. Prices range from $30,400 to $979,000. Check them out here: . SC listings will be in two listings. First will be condos and townhomes. Before going on you will notice a NC condo listed here that was not listed with the NC listings. Few Realtors are willing to pay two association dues, two license fees, and two MLS service dues. One not paying NC MLS dues cannot list there. I believe being to best serve clients in this area being a member in both states is a must. The search resulted in 49 listings over the past 3 months ranging in price from $33,000 to $899,000. If you decide on the highest priced condo on the list your HOA fees will be $1799 per month! We may see that one on the list for some time! View these listings at . Moving on to detached homes in SC we find only 21 listings over the past 3 months. These range in price from $21,900 to $433,900. View the listings at: . Remember, these listings are in the areas my clients have been most interested in. There are additional listings and I’ll be happy to send a complete search upon request.

Market Report Ending January 31, 2013

Single family homes are up 3.5% for the month/year. Inventory was up slightly and made up primarily of non-distressed listings as distressed inventory continues to decline. Condo January sales volume is up 7.1% compared to January 2012. We continue to monitor sales prices in both single family residences and condos as prices make a slow rise.

Did you know PIRATES are known to have traveled the Carolina Coast? Captain William Kidd was born around 1665 and rumor has it he buried a chest of treasure near Winnabow NC (not far from my home). Supposedly, he also buried treasure in Long Island NY. Captain Kidd was eventually captured, tried, and hung in London in 1701. The hangman’s rope broke twice, the 3rd time it held. Kidd’s body was dipped in tar and hung along the Thames River as a warning to others. Captain Samuel Bellamy also sailed the Carolina coast. Note, the name Bellamy is very popular in Brunswick County NC. He became one of the most active pirates and was called “Black Bellamy”. His business of piracy ended in April 1717 off Cape Cod when his ship was destroyed by a storm. Only two of “Black Sam’s” men survived. Stede Bonnet was known as the Gentleman Pirate. He was once pardoned by the governor of NC but went back to his old ways. He was then seen on the Cape Fear River and he was ordered captured. All but one of his ships was in a battle and the pirates surrendered although 12 died along with 12 of the military. Stede was repairing his ship in a nearby creek and was captured. It is said he buried 3 chests of treasure on the shoreline near a creek close to the Cape Fear River. Stede Bonnet was hung for piract December 10, 1718 in Charles Town (Charleston) SC. Captain William Hewett was a member of Bonnets crew and later joined Blackbeard. He also was hung in Charleston in 1718. It is rumored he owned an 800 acre plantation near Charleston and his heirs relocated with untold treasures. Edward Teach is better known as Blackbeard. Although he spent more time farther up the NC coast he visited Holden Beach often. Blackbeard was died in the naval Battle of Ocracoke . Two naval boats went after him when his location was known. One was quickly put out of the fight. Although wounded by a point blank gunshot and several cutlass wounds he kept fighting until one blow of a cutlass removed his head. Jacob Johnson and his wife Ann were Brunswick County pirates around 1724. They were caught and also charged with murder. Mary Ann Blythe, a female pirate is said to have buried her treasure in the area of old Fort Caswell. A buried chest of treasure was found in 1928, one of several she is said to have buried. Ann Bonny, daughter of a lawyer, was married to James Bonny. She left him to be with Jack Rackham and they took to sea, she dressed as a man. She had a child to him in Cuba and rejoined him at sea. John Rackham was known as Calico Jack. Mary Read and Ann sailed with him and eventually took control of his ship. The ship was captured in 1720 and nearly the entire crew sentenced to hang. Mary Read also dressed like a man. She was captured and sent to prison but released when said she was expecting a baby. Modern day explorers continue to search for sunken pirate ships and their treasure, both under the sea and on land. In 1907 a home was being torn down to make way for the railroad. Under the hearth about $100,000 in gold was found.  

 Fishing report! Not much exciting to report as there are few on the water. It has been tough to get offshore this time of year but those that have found a weather window are happy they went. Catches of wahoo and tuna have been reported as often as the boats can get out. Near shore has been tough as the black sea bass take every bait as soon as it hits the water. These great tasting fish are in a closed season until June. No one can understand why as their population has exploded. They are fun to catch but must be released. I recently caught one about 20″ that still had an 8″ brother in its mouth. Inshore has been hot. Lots of speckled trout being caught on mud minnows and various artificials. These are also great tasting fish- Pat just cooked some tonight for dinner. My main problem with redfish or red drum is the slot. Only fish between 18″ and 27″ can be kept for the pan in NC. My catches are mostly in the 15″/16″ range or 29″/32″ range. These are not only great tasting but great fighting fish no matter the size. Don’t come to NC looking to catch minnows or buy them either. They are just not available. However, the short drive to Cherry Grove has found them at two bait shops.

I wish my brother was closer to NC, note I did not say I wish I was closer to him in Pa as it is too cold up there. He really has a full plate and I would like to help him. He not only has his new huge warehouse to get ready but was able to buy the domain name of his business. Now he has to build a a website too. The amount of input is monumental. His customers, both online and at the warehouse are in for a huge surprise this year. His prices will remain the lowst that can be found anywhere in the world.

 As always, I’m as close as your phone ( 843 655 7777 ) or simply email me ( ) if I can be of assistance in any way. Check my website ( ) for new information often.



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