Beach Real Estate News & Views ~ Foreclosures and a Fishing too.

Wish you were here ~~ and more of you will be here soon! A bad northern winter means more people are moving south. Many of them are coming to NC and SC.  The picture most will see here is from last summer. My twin grandsons and friend Coach with 2 of many fish we caught one day. Coach helped us once and neighbor Joe helped on another trip on my boat. First time on the ocean for the boys and even the rough day no one was sick. This newsletter is a little late and I’m blaming my wife. She was visiting our daughter’s family in Ohio for 2 weeks. Not only left with cooking and etc but Roscoe the devil dog. He really not really a devil dog but is needy of attention. While snowing and freezing in Ohio we suffered through some rain here. What is with that April weather there? We will be speaking of foreclosures farther down this page. I purchased an indoor dry slip that was in foreclosure today. I now own 3 and will be looking to have this one rented soon. If there is anything you wish to see added to this email in the future, please let me know. May is going to be a busy month. I have 5 closings already scheduled plus a few doctor appointments. It is going to be hard to find time to get on the water.

Interst Rates & Mortgages ~~ Mortgages are easier to get than in the recent past. A 30 year at 3.625% is historically low. Mortgages are now available for condo-tells too. Mortgages with zero down are available under the VA and USDA. FHA loans require 3 1/2% down. A 2nd home mortgage requires 10% and an investment home 20% down in most instances. I have even heard at least one lender is accepting ‘no doc’ loans again but  surely would require a higher down payment and have a higher interest rate.

May is a great month to visit ~~ the weather is usually great and schools are still in session so the beaches are less crowded. Not only the beaches but restaurants, golf courses, and all other amenities too!

Brunswick County MLS ~ ~ numbers are in for Fiscal Quarter 1 of 2015 Brunswick County MLS Only Single Family Sales– Listings

  • 1st Quarter 2014:  362
  • 1st Quarter 2015:  394
  • Change:  8.9%

Single Family Sales — Units Sold

  • 1st Quarter 2014:  134
  • 1st Quarter 2015:  168
  • Change:  25.4%

Single Family Sales — Average Sale Price

  • 1st Quarter 2014:  $212,232
  • 1st  Quarter 2015:  $248,681
  • Change:  17.2%

Single Family Sales — Total Sales Volume

  • 1st  Quarter 2014:  $85,763,277
  • 1st Quarter 2015:  $124,937,022
  • Change:  45.7%

Numbers are not yet available for the quarter for Horry County SC but those that enjoy MANY numbers will find March 2015 will find the following interesting:

Looking for a large lot with an all brick home and in ground pool? I would like to show you this one!,1

Add Curb Appeal With Landscaping

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or you just want to improve its
look from outside, landscaping can be a valuable tool to add curb appeal. Maybe
you just need to spruce up existing landscaping, or maybe you’re starting from
scratch. Either way, here are some easy tips for landscape design.

  • First, draw a rough sketch of your yard and designate areas for landscaping, vegetable gardening, play
    spaces and any other things you’ll use the yard for.
  • If you’re completely at a loss as to what to do in your yard, consider hiring a landscape designer
    for an hour-long consultation.
  • Understand that landscaping is an ongoing process. Don’t feel like you have to do everything in a
    weekend. Plan to landscape as your budget permits.
  • Become familiar with the sun and wind patterns in your yard. This will help you determine what types of
    plants to plant and where.
  • Start small — landscaping is a process. You might start by planting shrubs or flower beds at the front
    of the house now, and then tackle the design of the side and backyard.
  • Create a focal point, whether it’s a fountain, a sculpture or an unusual and visually appealing plant.
  • Fill in with annuals. If there are areas you’re not ready to tackle or if you’re waiting while your
    perennials fill in, plant annuals for some color and a more mature look.
  • Add height to your garden or landscaping with planters and baskets.
  • Enjoy color throughout the growing season by researching when certain plants and flowers bloom and
    then planting for every season.
  • OR do what I do and call TJ at Carolina Greens at 843 249 6109!

Everyone is waiting on FORECLOSURES so here we go!  Numbers of foreclosures coming to market continue to fall. Often it is not difficult to find a non-distressed home in like or better condition at the same or a lower price. Buyers must keep an open mind and have their Realtor search diligently. North Carolina allows us to view detached homes as well as condos and townhomes at one link, South Carolina separates detached homes from condos and town houses so there are two links. If you see anything of interest, please do not hesitate to call or email for more information with the MLS number of your choice. There are MORE foreclosures. We are only looking at the areas of most interest and that have come on the market in the past 3 months. Let me know if you want more. Starting with Brunswick County NC there are 20 from $14,900 to $298,000. They can be found here: 3D&KeyRid=1&Include_Search_Criteria=on&CurrentSID=178740144&MLS_Origin=BRWC and we move on to Horry County SC where we find 20 detached homes priced from $49,900 to $1,279,200. Those listings can be found at: . Moving to condos and townhouses in the same area we find only 11. If you can get by with 1 bedroom check out the lowest priced unit. Here they are: .

Fishing ~~ Work, wind, and rain has kept me off the water more than usual recently. I am happy to report the Spanish mackerel have arrived. These are very tasty. I was able to take two friends and we caught a nice bunch after searching for a couple hours. Bluefish are mixed in with the Spanish. All were released as not one of us enjoy their taste. Of my 1/3 of the catch I was able to give a friend 2 meals and have two meals for my wife and I. Will need to get out and catch more as several others are looking for fish. Hope work and weather cooperates. Time for cobia to be showing up too. Inside the inlets the speckled trout are still biting and the redfish have moved out of the shallow water into the canals and ICW. Flounder chasers are reporting some action too. When you are in the area and want to fish or just go for a boat ride all you need to do is call! No telling what we will see on the ocean or simply in the ICW.


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