Beach News & Views ~ Real Estate, foreclosures, fishing, and fun ~ Jan ’14

Wish You were here! The last few days of December 2013 until mid~January have been busy. December 21st a neighbor and I were in short sleeves on the boat fishing. Nothing great in our catch to report but it was still a great day. The plan is to do it again January 17 but it looks like a sweatshirt may be required. The weather has been typical for January with fronts passing through. We did have 2 cold nights and a day that was cold for us but just beyond “Yankee cool”. Nothing like friends and family experienced and still are experiencing in PA and OH. I did get to see my daughter and her family and my brother for a few days recently and that was great too. Some time was spent at my brother’s fishing warehouse. He is a distributor of fishing equipment. Naturally, I brought a little back for me and my neighbor. No one would believe the way my daughter’s home in OH was decorated for Christmas! She has more trees than some retailers along with fireplace mantel decorations and so much more.  Again I want to thank everyone for your support through 2013 to help make it a wonderful year! A few of the calendars still remain. If anyone was missed or desires another please send your name and address and they will be provided until the supply is exhausted. Not everyone is able to see the pictures sent. Usually at least one is attached every month. If you can see it ~~ a cranky ocean during early January with a gale storm offshore.

It is time to catch up on on the market conditions locally. Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors covers Horry and Georgetown Counties in SC. Those counties abut Brunswick County NC but little NC information is included in their numbers. The news is very good for sellers in most neighborhoods, not so good for buyers. As I have been stating in this newsletter for the past few months it was reported the number of ‘distressed’ listings has decreased considerably over 2013. With far fewer foreclosures and short sale listings there is less pressure on sales without those stipulations and prices rise. Single Family Residence (SFR) sales rose 19.5% over 2012 and the median sales price rose 6.5% to $188,000. The SFR sales to list ration is 94%. Condo sales continue to lag SFR sales but did rise 5.4% for the year. Prices rose 3.4%. The median condo price was $113,750. There were 3950 condos and 4564 SFR actively listed at the end of 2013. Building lots are still not doing well. The inventory is still extremely high and the median price is just $47,000. Home building is going strong. If interested in building in any of the developments be sure to bring your Realtor representative. That can save you thousands.

Asking prices on boat slips are starting to rise. As the season approaches prices may strengthen even more.  Both wet and dry slips are available in NC and SC. Slip rental rates are going up also. Why rent as prices continue to rise instead of investing in a slip?

Foreclosures As stated above are in decline and have been for months. The listings provided below are those made active over the past 3 months. There are older ones and additional listings can come at any time. If you would like the complete listing of any category please email with price range and other requirements. Keep in mind just because a home is in foreclosure does not mean it is the best buy for you. Also, these listings are from the most asked about locations. The search area can be expanded if you wish. The 1st set of listings are in Brunswick County NC. There are 17 of all housing types priced from $58,000 to $522,900. They can be found at:  .  In SC there are 42 SFR listed from $34,000 to $975,000. They can be found at:  . The last category is condos/townhomes. There are 24 condo/townhomes in the list. They are priced from $48,000 to $485,000. The can be found at:  .  Those that have been following for a while can recall each SC category having over 100 listings in each email.

Fishing/Boating ~ OK about the fun stuff, there has been almost none of it! The trip mentioned above is all for me. Few others have been out too. There are still reports of redfish being caught in many areas but the bulls have moved offshore. That means few trophy fish are inshore. Some, mostly slot size are still around and feeding in the backwaters (shallow). Trout are still being found at the Little River jetties but most are in the backwaters too unless it begins to cool when they will be found in nearby holes. Those holes do not have to be deep, 4′ – 6′ is a ‘hole’ from their normal less than 18″ pattern. No trout reports. Some black drum are being caught, mostly around structure in the ICW. On the rare days a few have ventured offshore a mixed bag has been brought back. Everything from black sea bass to wahoo is in their coolers. My Christmas present was a new GPS/sonar that will be installed next week. Not a big, fancy, or expensive unit but newer technology. 

Wrapping up please remember to visit my website at for all your real estate needs. For custom draperies or design assistance check with Audra and visit her website at . She can assist with all your decorating too. For all your fishing needs contact .

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