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Wish you were here!  A lot going on at the beach, even while the tourists season has not started. The locals say it is cold but milder than last year. Today my daughter called from OH and said it was warmer than recent days at 19. Could not tell her that we were on the beach today ~~ 66 and sunny here. No snow either!! Many of you know Buster the boy we rescued over 16 years ago. He has slowed down but keeps on going. We rescued another ~ Roscoe is now a member of the family. He is guessed to be around 2 years old. He came to us skinny but has added weight and strength. He tested heartworm positive and is on daily meds for that. He also has ‘cherry eye’ a tear duct common malady. He was unsure if he liked his 1st boat ride. I just took a boat ride with a friend recently. Not a rod was pulled, not a line wet. We did not get far from the marina until we saw a bald eagle. There were many shore birds and ducks ~ more than I recall seeing in the past. This time of year seeing porpoises inside the inlets is expected and we were not disappointed.  Just a few hours on the water is extremely relaxing, especially this time of year when there are so few others out.  Coastal Carolina University (CCU) has a saltwater fishing club. It has 90 students involved, many female. For the past 6 or 7 years they have put on a great seminar. If you have any interest in saltwater fishing, plan on coming next year. The seminar may be online in a month or so.

Boat ride, unsure of this.

Change the Filters Replace or clean furnace filters to help your furnace run at peak efficiency. End of December/2014 stats are now available from CCAR for Horry and Georgetown Counties in SC. To summarize would leave too much out. Prices are up a bit and the trend is up also on detached homes and a bit less on condos. The laggard is still building lots. Read it all here: . Brunswick County NC is also trending up and a little stronger than the SC numbers. Both areas are seeing an increase in new home building (please take your realtor with you when looking at new construction to save money). Interest rates have been hovering around 4% +/- which is a great help. Building lots lag in NC also, some are priced at 5% – 10% of original cost at the top and still few buyers. Buyers of new homes want the package ~ lot and home without hassle of contracting. Although the latest foreclosure listings will be provided those that have been following this newsletter for years recall when there were several times the numbers now found.  Need any fishing equipment call Tom at ProTackle ~ 724 734 3452 . He has almost everything fishing related at prices you will not believe! 

Mortgages are becoming easier to get even as interest rates remain around 4% +/-.  VA and USDA are available with zero down. USDA does not mean country. Clients have found them available within 20 minutes of the beach. One lender recently sent the following: FHA loans Down to 600 credit scores VA loans down to 600 credit scores USDA loans down to 600 credit scores Conventional loans with 3% down and all 3% can be gift funds. We also have lender paid mortgage insurance available on these loans. PMI has been advertised on TV as paid by another lender.

 Foreclosures!!!    Numbers of foreclosures coming to market continue to fall. Often it is not difficult to find a non-distressed home in like or better condition at the same or a lower price. Buyers must keep an open mind and have their Realtor search diligently. North Carolina allows us to view detached homes as well as condos and townhomes at one link, South Carolina separates detached homes from condos and town houses so there are two links. If you see anything of interest, please do not hesitate to call or email for more information with the MLS number of your choice. There are MORE foreclosures. We are only looking at the areas of most interest and that have come on the market in the past 3 months. Let me know if you want more. So here we go ~~ starting with Brunswick County NC 13 new listings since December 1 2014. They range in price from $43,900 to $463,350. Find the listings at . Moving on to SC only 16 detached homes were found in the search areas and time frame. They ranged in price from $34,900 to $469,900. Check them out at . Condos and townhouses found in a like search found only 13 listings priced from $43,100 to $219,900. Those listings can be found at . Ladies (and guys needing a gift for her) check out If you do not see what you want, Audra will make it for you. 

 Fort Fisher fell to Union troops on January 15,1865. It guarded the port of Wilmington. It was the most powerful seacoast fort in the south. It protected the Cape Fear River which permitted blockade runners to supply the Confederacy. On December 23 and 24, 1864 the Union Navy bombarded the fort which had about 2000 defenders. On January 13, 1865 the bombardment started again. It took two days of overwhelming forces to capture Fort Fisher. This closed the last outside connection General Lee counted on for supplies. The Union attack was the largest amphibious attack by American forces until WWII. When General Lee surrendered to General Grant, Grant told Lee “I did not out general you, I outnumbered you”.  

Boating and Fishing mostly boating this time. Fishing has been tough. The speckled trout and red drum are up in the shallow water where only the skiffs go. They are there as the water warms there with sunlight drawn to the dark mud bottom. They will come out into the rivers and ICW for me when the water temperature rises a little. My #1 skiff reporter,,,, I took him out ocean fishing last summer and he no longer has the skiff, he plans on fishing the ocean now and bought a boat for that. I was only on the boat twice and did not wet a line either time. Reports from those going into the backwaters of creeks indicate good speckled trout and red drum catches.  Have heard nothing about near shore but not much there this time of year. Hearing a lot of good reports from bottom fishing guys out 15 – 30 miles. Those reports include limits (5 per person) of tasty black sea bass. On the rare days in February the offshore winds permit 60+ mile trips to the gulf stream wahoo and others are biting with the exception of mahi. 

   As always — do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance with your SC and NC real estate needs. Contact me at or use my cell 843 655 7777. Check out my website at .

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