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WoW!! One time and foreclosure information is not included in a blog and the calls and email lets me know about it. After many months of providing recent local foreclosure listings it was thought little attention was being paid to it, I was wrong so here it is! Remember– these are only the NEW listings over the past 3 months and there are older listings available. If you wish the entire list just let me know your requirements.

The Brunswick County MLS permits all classes of homes to be searched at once and the results can be found at:  Horry County SC detached homes can be found at:  and condos and townhouses found at:  . 

Wish you were here! Company left for a couple weeks- they will return! Friends arriving for a week in the middle! Hope to get some fishing in sand the crab pots set out again real soon.

Existing homes are selling well now IF priced correctly and in good condition. There is still a lot of inventory but it has been coming down. NEW HOME Construction has picked up. It is on track to be near numbers not seen since 2007. Some builders have lowered prices, added features into the base price, or both. Interest rates under 4% on a 30 year mortgage are helping people qualify and lowering payments too.

Timing does not always work out – especially when buying AND selling a home. You found your dream home and don’t want to lose it to another buyer but your home has not sold. You cannot afford to carry two homes at once. One option available is a ‘Bridge Loan’. These loans basically “bridges the gap” between moving into your new home and selling your current home. They come in various flavors but often permit access to the equity in your current home for a down payment if needed. The interest on a bridge loan is generally a little higher than a regular mortgage rate and calculated as simple interest. The bridge loan is most often written for 6 months with the option for 6 additional months. The interest is paid upfront so the buyer has only one mortgage payment. These loans are not an option I suggest but have been asked about them recently a few times. If you consider a bridge be certain to understand all fees, interest rate, prepayment penalties, and etc. Many in this situation borrow from their 401K instead. With all the inventory available today to choose from, most simply wait until their home is sold.

We all know the best fishing deals come from He is moving into a new larger warehouse next month and his inventory will begin to grow from HUGE to UNBELIEVABLE. By next March he will be the biggest distributor for hundreds of miles. Contact him for all your fishing needs.

Several people have asked about a nursery or to have landscaping done. I can only suggest the one I use and that is Carolina Greens. They are located at 2310 Hwy 179, Little River SC 29566 – just a few hundred feet from the NC line. Call the owners, Terri or TJ with questions at 843 249 6109. Nice people, fair prices, great work and product.

OK, here is a condo listing – not mine- but what some have requested. I do not list that far south. Not a short sale, not a foreclosure but a motivated seller. The reason they are selling is they bought a home through me and are moving here full trime in a couple weeks. Check it out here: 

 Zillow CEO calls housing bottom!

U.S. home values the first year-over-year quarterly gain in five years during the second quarter of 2007, according to Zillow. Zillow’s second quarter real estate market report showed median home values up 0.2 percent at the end of June compared to June 2011. It was also stated median home values have posted four consecutive months of year-over-year gains.Thinking of renting or becoming a landlord? Zillow Rent Index shows a U.S.-wide 5.2 percent year-over-year increase .

That’s all for now folks! Remember I’m only a phone call (843 655 7777) or email ( ) away.    John

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